Martyn Hollingworth

Documentary Film Maker

Jane Tomlinson: Across the USA

Filmed and Directed by Martyn Hollingworth

Jane Tomlinson: Across the USA was transmitted on Sky News just a week after the event finished in New York. Scripting and editing on the road, together with composing and recording the soundtrack, left only the last quarter of the programme to be edited on return to Sky News in Osterley, UK.

The documentary was created for a 1-hour slot in the programming schedule, comprised of 4 parts.

View Part 1 of the documentary (Flash video)

Part 2

To watch the video, a current version of the Flash Player is required, and, ideally, a reasonably fast Internet connection.

View Part 3 of the documentary (Flash video)

View Part 4 of the documentary (Flash video)

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