Martyn Hollingworth

Documentary Film Maker

Jane Tomlinson on the Loneliest Road in America
Jane Tomlinson MBE CBE 1964-2007

Jane Tomlinson was an ordinary woman who did amazing things. It was a great privilege to have come to know her and her family, and to share so many miles of adventure together.

Jane Tomlinson: Across the USA

"The story, encompassing her friends and family too, is brave and moving in the extreme."
Matt Warman, Daily Telegraph
"One of the most inspirational and awe inspiring pieces of film I have ever seen."
"Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say well done on the documentary - the only word I can think of is awesome! managed to get the whole essence of the journey into the hour long programme, which is a remarkable feat in itself, never mind the fantastic camerawork and editing. At one point my girlfriend wouldn't believe there was only one cameraman, and kept on asking how you had time to get up the hills to take your shot then back down again to catch them up! We also saw a marked increase in the donations with many people quoting the doc as a reason for them donating."
Michael Creighton, Events Manager, SPARKS

Jane Tomlinson MBE faced her final challenge - the greatest endurance event ever attempted by someone with terminal cancer - to cycle from San Francisco to New York.

In order for the documentary Jane Tomlinson: Across the USA to be able to reflect the enormity of the trans-America challenge and to put the viewer into the saddle, Martyn Hollingworth cycled alongside Jane for the entire route. There is no second camera for this documentary, the wide landscape shots involved Martyn scaling mountain sides in order to film and then cycling hard to catch up with the other two riders.

Over the 64 days, as well as cycling and filming, other work en route also included the production of montage packages for regular TV news broadcasts and web video podcasts, composing the music for the documentary and writing daily blogs for the Sky News website.

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